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Tom Henderson

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Bidding your Project

Remodeling is often a high- stakes business for both homeowner and contractor.

We understand that any successful remodel project includes detailed planning and budgeting before being built. Even if you already have a comprehensive building plan from your architect or designer, your contractor must still plan for the delivery and your unique expectations of the job.. All of this must culminate in a carefully produced budget. You need your contractor to invest the necessary time and resources in order to provide you with a detailed plan and realistic budget to make critical decisions before building your project.

We offer a cooperative approach to bidding that allows us make this important commitment to you.

Project Delivery

The Remodel Craftsman is the contractor who wears a tool belt. He runs the entire job from start to finish, and his work on the job is additionally supported by our team of specialty contractors matched to our standards of professionalism.

The Remodel Craftsman is your guide through the daily activities of remodeling your home. He ensures that your project is under the best possible supervision and under the control of a quality conscious construction expert.