What is cooperative bidding?

Cooperative bidding is where the homeowner retains a pre-qualified contractor to purposely plan a remodel project delivery with the homeowner’s expectations and budget that same project with complete transparency.
The overall goal is to produce a workable plan and budget that is ultimately agreeable to you.
We commit to this process by collecting a nominal retainer for providing specific planning and budgeting services.
A portion of this retainer is fully credited back to the homeowner when a contract for construction is signed.
If the homeowner or contractor decide not to do the project, then the contractor simple retains any compensation for services rendered.

The benefits of cooperative bidding

  • We form a committed team partnership.
  • You make the important decisions of quality vs price.
  • We share ideas freely and tailor the job to fit your needs and expectations
  • We work to earn your trust before construction begins
  • We commit to complete transparency while working to produce your project budget, giving the best value for your money.
  • You don’t pay us for other jobs we bid on that were not accepted.
  • Our mutual goals are met. 

Let’s work together cooperatively to build your project!