A man who works with his hands is a laborer; 
a man who works with his hands and his mind is a tradesman; 
but a man who works with his hands, his mind and his heart is an artist. 
— St. Thomas Aquinas

Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with quality!

— Vince Lombardi

Choosing us as your contractor

As no important job interview begins by negotiating a salary, hiring a contractor should not be any different. We invite you to evaluate us as a qualified builder and proper fit for your project. Ask any question you like and take the time to check us out or perhaps even speak with our previous clients. Your choice here is very important as it will ultimately determine your experience of the building process and your anticipated end result.

We depend on our reputation to earn our customers and take pride in offering exceptional service, because we truly believe a successful remodel should also include a great customer experience!

Getting a fair price

Every professional contractor marks up it's costs a certain percentage to cover overhead and profit. We carry the responsibility to run an efficient business so that we can pass on a fair price to our customers. We are committed to offering great value and professional expertise- all for a fair price.

Many of our suppliers offer us trade discounts, we’ll pass this savings on to you. 

There are no hidden costs or bidding strategies applied as we work cooperatively to develop your project.

Valuing the process

We consider cost estimating to be a valuable service and integral part of the project planning and development process and devote substantial time and resources to developing realistic estimates during the beginning stages of a project.

A contractor who engages in the competitive bidding process incurs the expense of estimating as well; and, because that contractor usually has to bid a number of jobs in hopes of landing one construction contract, he has to work that expense into his pricing on contracted projects to recover costs.

Because we view estimating and budget-planning as an essential part of our project development services, we bill that cost directly rather than augment the costs of projects we build with the costs expended on competitively bid projects that we're not awarded.

In essence you don't pay us for other jobs that we bid on but were not awarded as in the case of the competitive bidding contractor.

Project Budgeting

Our project budgeting approach replaces the traditional bidding approach by assuring that choices of quality verses price will be made by you. We work together as a team, openly sharing the costs of building your project. We are building a relationship of trust and confidence before construction even begins!

Our job for you is to assemble a summarized spread sheet costing of every aspect of the project from planning through completion. We work together to make any modifications and/or adjustments as needed for alignment to your target budget. Our finished product results in a viable working budget to contract and build the project with confidence!.

The fee we collect for project budgeting is fully credited upon commencement of a construction contract.

Advantages of Greenbuilt Cabinets

We are dedicated to using environmentally friendly materials and construction methods to build quality
face frame style custom cabinets using only wood materials. 

We work with homeowners or builders to supply complete cabinets or cabinet components.    

Producing our cabinets locally allows us to oversee the quality of construction and reduce shipping costs.

  • No excess packaging
  • Shorter lead times 2-4 weeks instead of 4-6 weeks
  • Hand built value with quality that lasts a life time
  • Eco materials which means healthy indoor air and  no VOCs
  • Eco friendly finishes available
  • Contributes more to our local economy
  • Can be built on site as part of a remodel
  • Pricing is very competitive to quality lines of cabinetry
  • Local material choices
  • Work directly with the cabinet maker

Green Drywall

Drywall accounts for approximately 80% of the visible interior finish surface in most homes.

We are proud to offer the option for the exclusive use of eco-friendly drywall finishing ensuring a safe and beautiful, chemical-free interior for your home because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Compare the MSDS (material safety data sheet) of the product we use and what is typically specified, you may be surprised!

We use a joint compound that is formulated with no preservatives or fungicides, ensuring air quality and environmental safety, containing no Volatile Organic Compound ,only inert fillers and natural binders.

Our eco friendly drywall Joint compound is scientifically developed to create a superior finish that does not crack, shrink, or discolor even when used in the most extreme conditions.

Our job site practices of recycling and reducing the unnecessary waste of products that end up in our landfills help complete our passion for making a difference on every job we do!  





I personally offer skill coaching for individuals who have elected to perform their own home improvement projects to save money or gain the satisfaction of completing the job independently.

I can help you get organized and show you step by step what to do to get the job done in a professional manner. You can hire me for as little as 2 hours or the entire day. I'll come to your home with all the necessary tools so we can learn and work together. You'll have access to my extensive library for enrichment. I am an experienced and licensed remodel contractor who can coach you successfully for a confident beginning.

Professional Contractors

If you're faced with occasional drywall patchwork as a corollary of your normal work then I have a solution for you.
I can teach your key production people how to professionally execute drywall patch work and finishing.

Stop the hassles with scheduling and waiting for drywall experts to show up.  Get your job done on schedule by adding to the skill sets of your crew. Save time and money by doing the work in-house.

I offer group workshops on your job site to show your people step by step how to get organized and gain the skill of great drywall patching.

I am an experienced and licensed remodel contractor who can provide you with a workshop setting on your job to increase the productivity and value of your crew.

Available for phone consultations too.

  • Drywall patchwork
  • Drywall finishing
  • Drywall textures
Like most busy people, I have to operate on a rather tight time-line, so thanks for being right on time, and even a few minutes early. You understood exactly what I needed done for the drywall repair, and even made arrangements directly with the tenants to return the next day and complete the work, which saved me several phone calls. The work itself and the match on the texture was first-rate, and the cost was certainly reasonable for the service provided, and you took extra care to keep the job clean. You had the tools and equipment needed to complete the job and I will certainly recommend your services to others. Thanks for your professionalism Tom - we look forward to working with you again soon.

Larry Meeks, Pres. Thermal Craft Insulation Co.